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Context Change Theater: hidden shakespeare. When it comes to change events and topics, we frequently make use of the methods of professional improvisation. For large scale events such as mental milestones, we have a very successful partnership with the outstanding pan-European ensemble “hidden shakespeare”. Improvisational theater is a change process arrangement, and it’s surely the most open, fast-paced and most innovative form of theater facing the development of content, tempo and inclusion of the audience. As is typical in a change process, it requires a marked willingness to take risks: from the performers, from the audience (who can quickly become actors), and not least, from the company that lets itself become involved in the process. In our experience, improvisational theater is one of the most effective forms of intervention when there is a need to address situational intelligence, dealing with status and power, the subject of “managing and being managed,” and having positive attitudes toward the unforeseeable. — Fischer Group